b r e a t h

Breathing is something we often don’t think about. We just do it. It’s autonomic. Yet, it’s also something we can mindfully control. As our breathing is connected to all parts of our body systems, controlling our breath can shift the way we feel, sense, learn and expand our awareness.

Give your breath some attention.

Available for:

• private individual sessions
• couple sessions
• small groups
• workplace wellness sessions

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d e a t h

"..there is nothing of value without death. Without death there are no lessons, without death there is no dark for the diamond to shine from."

— Woman Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes

With life, comes death. And within life, comes endless cycles of endings and new beginnings.

Going into the unknowns of death can be daunting, yet there can be a mystical curiosity that leads one to something worthy. By entering the realms of existence, one can discover the depths of what holds meaning.  

Available for:

• breath guided death meditation
• end of life planning/discussion
• bedside support
• breathwork for grief

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